Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 9 - Part Two - Dawson Creek!

We have arrived in Dawson Creek!  This is the beginning of the AlCan Highway.  We've heard nightmare stories of this road.  Bring extra tires (we did), bring extra fuel (we didn't), drive on the top of the tank (we did), you'll get your windshield cracked (one of us did, the one in the motorhome), the road isn't paved (yes, it is).  We were so glad to see the town until.....Sir Garmin pointed out a roundabout coming up.  I know I'm the navigator, but I get lost every time I enter a roundabout.  I've been known to drive miles out of the way to avoid one.  So what do I do?  PANIC!

On the third trip through the roundabout, David was listening to the GPS and it told us exactly where to leave the roundabout.  Had I been looking, I would have also seen a sign to point me in the right direction.

He was in the center of the roundabout and pointed directly to where we wanted to go!  DUH!

Even the street sign was in the right direction.  Haven't lived this one down yet.

The welcome center is located in a park with a beautiful grain elevator and train car and a fake Highway 0 sign.  We only learned it was a fake one because of another couple stopped there.  They were kind enough to take a photo for us and direct us to the real one downtown.

 There are many signs here that tell of the history of this road that was built in record breaking time during WWII.  After seeing the signs we went inside and bought t-shirts, postcards, etc. to tell of our trip.  We also received a certificate that we were starting the AlCan Highway at this point and it was signed by the Mayor.  Cost:  $1.00 U.S. and a little more Canadian money.  They took both.  I got change back in Canadian.

The last picture above is still not the real Mile 0 sign!  We have to walk downtown to find it.  At least we have great directions.

It's the grain elevator and a couple walking and not far from the real Mile 0 sign.

It is in the middle of the intersections downtown!  A lady in the Chamber of Commerce took our photo for us.  The building says restaurant, but we were assured it really was the office where they would take our photo.

We'd been told that many murals covered the walls downtown.  I took photos of some of them.  There were too many to take the time to take pictures of all of them.  They have to do with history of the highway and the town.  Some were just funny.

It has been a long day, so we had to the city campground.  It was quite nice.  Also got this picture outside the campground.  It's the real mile 0 sign as well as the one downtown.

We're all excited to get started on "the road" tomorrow!

Mileage:  3,094



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