Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 11 - Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia

60's, Partly Cloudy

We pulled out at 7:07 a.m.  We stopped for fuel in Fort Nelson before leaving.  The station advertised "Full Service By A Sikh" and it was!  Out stepped a sikh in a turban with a full facial hair.

One beautiful summit of the mountains awaited us today.  Steamboat Summit.  Here I discovered that my iPad would take panoramic photos.  Still doesn't do it justice.  Absolutely beautiful here.

I'll share another song here:  When It's Springtime in the Rockies.  It came to mind looking at the fresh green leaves on the trees just coming out!


 Well, this photo isn't the bears.  Didn't get them again, so I'm showing you this one again!

We kept seeing signs for Cinnamon Rolls Ahead, so of course we stopped and found the neatest shop!  Being gluten-free I didn't get a cinnamon roll, but they sure looked great.  They were huge!

There were lots of neat things for sale.  One I regret not buying.

It's a bear head wrap with long bear paws you can stick you hands into to keep them warm.  So sorry I didn't buy this.  I'd never find this shop again....

Rest rooms out back for Cowboys and Barn Babes!

 David, ever the gentleman, opened the door for Janice.

 True wildlife on the walls.

They must have a problem with sniveling here.

Saw this sign, too.

Bet this wood stove comes in handy during the winter months.

Back on the road.  We spy horns!

The rams were up the hillside.  Guarding these ladies

We knew to be on the lookout for these stone sheep.  They like to lick the salt from the roads.

Makes sense that Stone Sheep would be in Stone Mountain Provincial Park.

Lake Teslan was just ahead, so we made a quick stop for the dogs to stretch their legs.  It was beautiful here.

Our destination for the day changed when we saw how close we were to Liard Hot Springs.  It's pronounced "lee-ard."  We had seen a video about people stopping here and talked to some who had camped there and they loved it, so we decided it was going to be our destination.  There were just a few problems along the road before we got there.

 Rough road for cyclists!

Stop sign in the middle of Nowhere and You Can't Get There From Here.  Notice it's red?
The sign reads "Wait For The Pilot Car"

The pilot car turned out to be a pilot truck!

We passed Muncho Lake after the construction.  It was also beautiful.

Example of the many bridges we crossed here.

We finally arrived at the Springs!

 The following aren't my photos.  Friends don't take pictures of friends in bathing suits!  You can stay in the springs about 20 minutes.  Parts of it are extremely hot, some are quite warm, and some have jets of cool water that shoot up from the bottom.  We spent most of the time in the area with the cool water coming up.  It was there we met a great couple from Arkansas, Larry and DyAnn Hill.  They were traveling almost the same route we were.

I spent some time resting my head between the two spillways here.  The water was quite warm, but felt so good on tired muscles.

All too soon the time limit was reached and we took the walkway back to the campground.

It was about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the springs back to the campground.  There were wildflowers in bloom.   Alas, no camera.

Our campsite is a "dry" one.  That means, no electric, water, sewer, cable, internet, etc.  We haven't had internet since we left the U.S.  That's why you're getting the blog after the trip!  Everyone was tired so we decided on a YOYO or PFC night for dinner.  YOYO = Your On Your Own and PFC is Pick, Fix, and Clean for Yourself.

Mileage:  3,471


Jenny :)

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