Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 6 - Montana!

40's, partly cloudy, NOT windy!

The storm that passed during the night ended with a beautiful day for us to drive.  Or is it?

As we left the campground, I snapped a photo of the Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn site).

We have left the interstate and are headed to Great Falls, Montana.  Someone suggested this road would be a great shortcut.  Shortcut?  No such thing with two RV's!

We passed bee hives, old forest fires, deer.  Double Diamond Ranch!

Look closely and you'll see the double diamond sign made of rocks on the hillside.

Then we saw another sign...

Gusty crosswinds.  Boy, was it ever!

A little after 2 p.m., we crossed over into Montana.  We drove on fumes, finally reaching a service station in Livingston, MT.  It's not far from here to Yellowstone National Park.

Here is the big sky in Montana.  Sorry it was cloudy because it's beautiful in the full sunlight.

We decided since our nerves were all shot by now, that it was a good time to stop for lunch!  We ate in the shadow of this great grain elevator.

Downtown Livingston, MT

Back on the road and we're off the interstate.  We take a road through the Lewis and Clark National Forest.  Little did we know it was a mountain road.

It was getting colder and mentioned to David that if I didn't know better, it looked like snow.  Well, here's the next view through the windshield.

It was rain mixed with snow that eventually turned to all snow!  We passed a sign that said the elevation was 6,800 ft.

Look closely for the motorcycle.  It was snowing heavy now and the poor guy is on this road.  Glad we're all safe inside!

But wait!  There is a 6% grade coming up with the elevation at 7,419 feet.  That will slow you down.  Then, another sign...

A ski resort!  I was wondering if they were going to reopen today!

The road keeps going up and down and now Sir Garmin (our GPS) has decided to lose his signal.  Great!  This trip I didn't print out backup sheets, but I do have a Walmart Road Atlas.  At least I can find Walmart or Sam's Club!

Flashing lights warned us of more harsh road conditions.  I didn't originally pick this road, but it looked like a great shortcut that got us off the interstate for awhile.

The road finally winds back into Great Falls, MT, our destination for the night.  Janice and Kay are off to visit a family member here and we're meeting an online friend here.

Paulette and I have been friends a long time online.  We started out as a group who had a mutual interest in "All My Children," and posted about it in the group.  Over time we all became close friends and have met each other on the road in different cities. The largest group meeting was many of us in New York City.

Paulette, her husband Al, and me and David had met in person the last time we were in Great Falls, but didn't get to meet long due to a family emergency for Paulette.  This time, we've picked a different place to meet for dinner.

I don't know who talked more, David and Al or me and Paulette.  All too soon it was time to head back to the campground because tomorrow we'll drive into Canada!

Paulette and Jenny

We decided to do laundry with our U.S. money before heading into Canada.  There was a lady there I was talking to while waiting for the clothes to finish.  She asked where we were headed and I said Alaska.  She is a Native Alaskan and an Alaskan Native.  She is following her surgeon husband who is riding a bike across I90 across the Canadian border states.  She told us about being born and living on Sitka Island.  Can't wait to get to Canada and to Alaska!

Laundry done and off to bed!

Ending Mileage:  2,205


Jenny :)

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