Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12 - Part Two - Toad River and Watson Lake

Back on the road after lunch!

We crossed into Yukon Territory!  We are a long way from home!

We also had another Sasquatch encounter.  Apparently his vehicle was out of gas.

Back on the road to Contact Creek, YT.  We need fuel.  Full service was $1.09 a litre.

We also spotted these bears along the road.

First and only one we saw like this.

On to Watson Lake!

Approaching downtown Watson Lake (really all of Watson Lake)

Watson Lake is known for it's collection of signs.  Signs put up by travelers!  Originally it was signs put up by the road construction crews.  Since then it's been added to over the years.  Spend a few minutes looking at all the signs.  They are from everywhere.

 Janice, Kay, and David among the signs.

 Unique black sign

 Where we've been and where we're headed, sort of.
 Even the Universe gets in on the act!

Among the many signs are also old road equipment left from the 1940's

We decided to do some shopping at the local department store before going to the campground.

We did take in a great show that told about the Northern Lights.  Unfortunately we will not see them on this trip.  There is very light darkness here even this far north.  David and the dog have no trouble with it.  I'm using a sleep mask.  I wake up in the middle of the night and remove the mask.  I think we've overslept every time.  You can read without a light and you could probably drive without headlights on.

Campground here...what can I say that would be good about the campground?  NOTHING!  It was all gravel with some hookups.  The manager/owner had to be kin to Archie Bunker.  Attitude!  About dark we began to hear drums pounding.  ALL. NIGHT. LONG!  Drums and yelling.  Seems like the local First Natives in their early twenties decided to hold a powwow.  We couldn't call the authorities because our phone didn't work.  We listened to yelling, drums, and noise all night.  Didn't get much rest.  Didn't leave a favorable review for this campground.

The apartments here at the end of the campground is where the powwow was taking place.

Mileage:  3,959



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