Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 2 - On To Kansas City, KS/MO

On the road again at 9:09 a.m  It was 50 degrees and sunny.

We had a small problem this morning.  One of the travelers didn't want to get up!  It wasn't me and wasn't David.  Chrissy wanted to stay in bed!

She almost takes up more space than we do!  She has to be in the same room with us at all times!  She brought along her big food box and extra food, her "flame" blanket and two more blankets in the truck!  She has more of a wardrobe with her than I do:  sweaters, collars, leashes, t-shirts, etc.  Have to make sure the little princess is comfy!  LOL

The wind was a problem all day long.  It was a head wind on top of it!  The flags at the rest area were standing out straight.

Stopped for gas in Pendleton, MO and then hit the road again.  It's my job as navigator to look out for turns, stops, problems, etc.  One of the problems turned out to be deer.  Didn't see that many live ones.  The sides of the roads were littered with ones who didn't make it across the road.

A carload of kids passed us and not a one of them had on seatbelts!  I've always worn mine and can't imagine not wearing one.  Hate to thing what would happen to that carload of kids if something happened.  Scary!

We stopped for a quick lunch in a pullout.  Back on the road again.  We have places to go and people to meet tonight!

Kansas state line at 4:30 p.m.!

Shortly after taking this photo through the windshield.  I became aware of a concrete mixer infringing on our territory.  To make matters worse, the interstate was being worked on and the lanes were narrow.  A nightmare of mine is a concrete truck dumping it's load into my vehicle.  David says it can't happen, but this truck was WAYYY too close.  I entertained David and Chrissy with a very loud SCREAM!  Fortunately, I think the driver heard me and got over!

We spent the night at Walnut Grove Campground in Shawnee Mission, KS.  Right up the street is part of the Oregon Trail.  The campground is in a suburb of Kansas City and we've stayed here many times.  We have great memories of this campground.  One time David had to park someone else's RV after the gentleman couldn't park it.  The manager asked if he would help.  So he did.  Another time Gary Burghoff of M.A.S.H was staying in his motorhome here.  He had been performing in Kansas City and staying here.

We were set up quickly - no slides, no unhooking from the truck - and awaiting our fellow travelers, David's sister Janice Schell and her friend Kay Graves who was to be her extra driver.  They also brought their four-legged children with them, two more dachshunds!  They arrived shortly after we were set up, so David was available to help them into the right entrance to the campground and welcome them to this once in a lifetime trip.

Janice Schell and Pumpkin; Kay Graves and Little Bit

We had a quick dinner and got ready for bed after visiting.  Chrissy thinks she's a human and wasn't excited about meeting those two dogs.  Dogs?  She's not a dog!

Off to bed after a trip of 363 miles!


Jenny :)

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