Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 5 - Wyoming!

Rain/Wind/Fog, 40's.  We pulled out at 7:45 a.m. (MDT).  Yes, we changed time zones.

Tonight's destination is Garryowen, Wyoming.  The name of the town may not ring a bell, but the story of it will.  Stay tuned!

We sped through Rapid City, SD where Ellsworth Air Force Base is located.  It's also the gateway to Mt. Rushmore.  Wish we had more time to stop!  The pilot says we will not be making a stop there on this flight!

Then we ran through a town most bikers would know:  Sturgis!

Stopping for fuel again and then on to Wyoming!  We reached Wyoming at 10:00 a.m.

The weather has not improved at all.

A quick stop at WalMart and back on the road!  We knew we were in horse country here.  Parking lot had lots of evidence that horses had been there.

Railroad station and airport?  Nope!  It's a rest area!

We have seen turkeys alongside the road in the rain.  The male turkey had his tail feathers fanned out in front of his girls.   We've also seen a number of antelope along the road.  They will not jump over fences.  They go under them.

The bottom photo shows the largest herd of antelope we've ever seen.

Somewhere along the road, I snapped this photograph of a statue:

We stopped for fuel at Sheridan, WY and back on the road again.

We finally arrived at the campground in Garryowen, WY.  Garryowen.  Did you ever watch a movie about Custer's Last Stand?  If you did, you know the tune they play as the 7th Calvary marched?  It's name is Garryowen.  Want to hear it?  Click the link:  GarryOwen.

The campground is adjacent to the area of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  Didn't know it was in Wyoming?  Neither did we the first time we stayed here.  The campground runs alongside the National Park there.  Beautiful area.

The campground is beautiful.  It's terraced with a view of the distant hills and the National Park.  A storm was approaching as night fell.  A little rain fell, but a lot of wind blew!

Ending mileage:  1,843


Jenny :)

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