Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12 - Part One - Toad River and Watson Lake

50's, Sunny

We started out with a squished bread breakfast.  Somehow it got mashed down into a small place.  Still tasted good!  We managed to pull out at 7:30 a.m.

We've been seeing these signs a lot.

We  haven't seen any of the critters since the first few days in Canada.  The battle over buffalo/bison rages on inside our truck.  David:  "It's bison."   Jenny:  "It's buffalo.  O give me a home where the BUFFALO roam."  David:  "It's bison."   Jenny:  "It's buffalo.  O give me a home where the BUFFALO roam."   BISON/BUFFALO  BISON/BUFFALO.  On it goes, even today!

After seeing them, we passed this sign:

They are quite large.  We've seen them chasing people in Yellowstone and had one charge our truck there.  We have a healthy respect for them.

Kept seeing signs for caribou all through Canada.  Don't believe we ever saw any of them here.

Bear! Bear! Bear!  We began to see them coming out of the woods (no pun intended, literally coming out of the woods!

Those three were the same bear, different shots.

And there were more buffalo!  They were in camo.

We decided to stop for lunch after all the animal excitement.  Next stop was Toad River Lodge.

 It was located at Mile 422 of the AlCan Highway.

David was driving the sled.

 Chrissy and I decided to say Hello from here.

Toad River Lodge is known for one thing - hats!

Over the years, people have stopped here and left hats.  Hats. All. Over. The. Place.

We didn't remember to bring one and didn't have one to leave.  Not sure where we would have placed it even if we had one.

Lunch for me was a buffalo burger.  If you really know me, you know I won't try new foods.  I did here and loved it.  Loved it so much I talked them into selling me four patties uncooked to take with us.  YUM!

David tried a slice of Bumble Berry Pie.  What is bumble berry?  It's three different types of berries mixed with rhubarb.  Not sure I would have tried it, but he did.  His experience on this piece of pie was not much better than the last one.  Not a homemade pie, either.

There were signs all around the place as well as hats.  This one caught my eye!

Because of the long post for Watson Lake, I think I'll end here for now.



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