Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Trip Schedule (Post by David)

Trip Schedule
Day 1 Leave Trussville.  Drive to Cape Giradeau, Missouri 384 miles

Day 2 Drive to Shawnee, Kansas 354 miles

Day 3 Drive to Sioux Falls, South Dakota 374 miles

Day 4 Drive to Rapid City, South Dakota 348 miles

Day 5 Drive to Billings, Montana 377 miles

Day 6 Drive to Great Falls, Montana ??? miles

Day 7 Enter Canada Drive to Calgary, Alberta 306 miles

Day 8 Drive to Whitecourt, Alberta 285 miles

Day 9 Drive to Dawson Creek, British Columbia 259 miles.  This is the beginning of the ALCAN or Alaska Highway.  Mile marker 0

Day 10 Drive to Fort Nelson, British Columbia 283 miles

Day 11 Drive to Liard River Hot Springs, British Columbia 194 miles.  Soak in hot springs.

Day 12 Drive to Watson Lake, Yukon 136 miles

Day 13 Drive to Whitehorse, Yukon 275 miles

Day 14 Drive to Stewart Crossing, Yukon 237 miles

Day 15 Drive to Dawson City, Yukon 111 miles

Day 16 Drive to Chicken, Alaska via Top of World Highway (dirt and gravel road) 108 miles. Cross Yukon River on a ferry and enter Alaska.

Day 17 Drive to Tok, Alaska 80 miles

Day 18 Drive to Fairbanks, Alaska 204 miles

Day 19 Fairbanks, Alaska

Day 20 Fairbanks, Alaska

Day 21 Fairbanks, Alaska

Day 22 Fairbanks, Alaska

Day 23 Drive to Denali National Park 125 Miles

Day 24 Denali National Park

Day 25 Drive to Denali State Park 69 miles

Day 26 Denali State Park

Day 27 Drive to Talkeetna, Alaska 70 miles

Day 28 Talkeetna, Alaska

Day 29 Drive to Wasilla, Alaska 50 miles (Do you think Sarah will be home?)

Day 30 Drive to Anchorage, Alaska 42 miles

Day 31 Anchorage, Alaska

Day 32 Anchorage, Alaska

Day 33 Drive to Seward, Alaska Kenai Peninsula 127 miles

Day 34 Seward, Alaska

Day 35 Drive to Soldatna, Alaska Kenai Peninsula 94 miles

Day 36 Drive to Kenai, Alaska Kenai Peninsula 11 miles or stay in Soldotna and make day excursion.

Day 37 Drive to Homer, Homer Spit, Alaska Kenai Peninsula 90 miles

Day 38 Homer, Alaska

Day 39 Drive to Palmer, Alaska 267 miles

Day 40 Palmer, Alaska

Day 41 Drive to Glenallen, Alaska 147 miles

Day 42 Glenallen, Alaska

Day 43 Drive to Tok, Alaska 125 miles

Day 44 Drive to Beaver Creek, Yukon 112 miles

Day 45 Drive to Haines Junction, Yukon 184 miles

 Day 46 Drive to Haines, Alaska 146 miles

Day 47 Haines, Alaska. Excursion to Skagway, Alaska via ferry.

Day 48 Drive to Whitehorse Yukon Canada 246 miles

Day 49 Drive to Watson Lake Yukon Canada 275 miles

Day 50 Drive to Fort Nelson British Columbia Canada 330 miles  

 Day 51 Drive to Fort St. John Canada 236 miles. Caravan goes in two directions.

Day 52 Drive to Prince George Canada 275 miles

Day 53 Drive to Cache Creek Canada 275 miles

Day 54 Drive to Seattle, Washington USA 286 miles

Day 55
"Jack London" a/k/a David

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